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Reception security

Reception security

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RICHVIVE SECURITY LTD COMPANY ##with professional SIA officers##


With Richvive security; our officers perform a combination of services including access control/reception and customer services and customer care. With these officers we can begin to safeguard your employees, your business and your customers relationships. Our reception officers combine a thorough security approach with professional courtesy, a company's own staff, visitors and suppliers all pass by reception desk on daily basis. This means that the demands for both robust security and professional courtesy are high.

The reception desk and RECEPTIONISTS is often the first thing that visitors encounter when they arrive at the company. Therefore, we attach great importance for Richvive security to provide the best reception service ever for the benefit of our clients. We offer a combined service where a reception officer takes care of your visitors in a service oriented professional manner while maintaining a high standards of confidentiality and security.
Our reception officers are trained in our approach to security for example, noticing things that deviate from the norm and defecting and preventing risks situations,.our training also prepares them to intervene if anything should occur, such as a case of illness, fire or evacuation.

Guard Uniforms or Civil uniforms
We perform reception assignments in guard uniforms or Civil uniforms depending on which Solution is best suited to your company's images. Our reception officers have exactly the same training and expertise regardless of whether or not you choose to have us provide staff in Civil uniforms.
We also provide staff for telephone switchboards and customer service, and can easily combine these services with our reception service.