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School security

School security

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RICHVIVE SECURITY LTD COMPANY ##with our professional SIA officers##

The importance of school security, the security of school has become a growing concern due to recent changes in our society including terrorism attacks, gun crime, vandalism, arson, child exploitation and other issues prevalent in our society that put the safety of children, teachers, staff and parents at risk .

In some colleges or schools or other educational institutions intruders can wander in and out of the premises as they please, as the access to the building is not often considered seriously enough within risk assessments. While some provisions are, for some establishments excessive ( this is often dependent on the institution) such as metal detectors and bag checking. With Richvive security around schools and colleges in UK now students and teachers have the right to feel safe and secure with the peace of mind that should a situation arise they have the right security measures and procedures in place to keep themselves and those around them safe. Parents too should feel reassured with the knowledge that when their child attends school, they will be safe in the care of the teachers and the security of the building.

However, no school can afford to ignore the potential threat and impact of security issues especially those associated with:
* Violent crime
* Terrorist attacks
An open and transparent school security policy will make sure that staff and pupils are able to work and learn in a safe and secure environment.

Security entrance system there have been a number of cases reported recently. This is an early task for such an intruder if there is firstly, no main reception area with no one to administer who is coming in and going out but more importantly if the door itself has no fob or access control code system .
A school should be a place where can feel stimulated and inspired to learn.

Having a secure school and and protecting pupils and teachers does not have to mean surrounding the school building in barbed wire, 7 foot fences and CCTV cameras on every corner. There are security Solutions that can offer better protection against crime , with Richvive security ltd our schools will remain secure and protected with a natural 24/7 hours surveillance.