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University security

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RICHVIVE SECURITY LTD COMPANY ##with professional SIA officers##

We are the Solution of your school, college or university. We expect school to be safe in good environment for children and those who work in education, also how important safeguarding is and how intrinsic it is every day education life.

However, there are many ways that children, young, staff and adults can still be exposed to dangers at their learning places.

So what can school do to secure themselves?
There are few measures that a school can implement without external support,
Establishing a tight or a physical perimeter, tall fences around the site that sound great which should keep intruder away, an entry gate with intercom , a key card, electronic clock in and out access can be another smart way to ensure staff,
students and visitors are legitimate and expected on site at any given time. However this does not account for a card that can may have lost or stolen and not immediately reported by the student or staff. The university campus is a huge sites require more complex assessment, planning and delivery of security measures to keep students, staff and visitors a better safe place to be with peace of mind.

Furthermore, in the time of a real threat, the premises would want a trained professional guarding to divert and diffuse the situation rather than put your staff and other in harm's way.

The ultimate protection must apply immediately, the best way to secure the safety of school or university campus sites is to hire a professional security company with the hiring reference which includes a quality service from an ethical company.
The most obvious in which a security company will protect a site is to control entry, cars are checked, names are checked. No person will be allowed on site that is not expected to be there. Similarly, children will not be able to be collected by anyone that is not in their list of guardians.

At a good company, guards we will be allocated a set location and remain there so it is not unusual that a guard will get to know the staff, the children and their families well and assimilate as part of the school or campus community. Other tasks that a security company can offer is screening of post and packages, CCTV monitoring, patrol checks of the site and surrounding areas which become so important for the large sites for preventing vandalism, violence including children from local rivals school or campus can sometimes engage in physical fights, patrolling the perimeter, it is less likely for any incident to happen.

School or university campus security guards have a specific trained and checks:
* valid DBS certificate checks
* valid SIA checks (security industry authority)
* background check ( pose no risk to the children legal requirement anyone working with young people)
* first aid trained.

Richvive security company is one of the best to secure your schools, colleges and university campus sites "24/7 hours 365" days a year make it a better and safer place of learning and work .