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Industrial security

Industry security

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Our aim as security industry is to provide holistic protection of individual plants
Industry security is based on several lines of defense and a comprehensive approach. to make this complicated topic easier for you to manage, Siemens offers a coordinated portfolio of solutions especially for the security of individual facilities

Security threats force you know take action, the risk is growing with digitization and the increase networking of the machine and individual plants. For critical infrastructure facilities, in particular, the appropriate measures are therefore mandatory.

Defense in depth; to ensure comprehensive protection of individual plants from internal and external cyber attacks, all levels must be protected simultaneously ranging from the plant management level to the field level and from access control to copy protection,.this is why our approach to comprehensive protection offers defense throughout all levels, defense in depth. This concept is to the recommendations of leading standards for security in industrial applications.

Industrial security is a dynamic subject potential hazard, security risks and defense measures are constantly changing.
That is why it is important to always maintain an overview of the current state of knowledge. We are happy to share our information with you.