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Warehouse security

Warehouse security

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Everything for warehouse security:
warehouse security is a crucial component for any business dealing with hardware products. All hardware equipment and product are stored in warehouse, typically farther away from where distribution of the equipment takes place. In order to deter theft or vandalism, strong security measures for warehouses should be taken. Many people still neglect the simple steps involved in a security plan, and as a result, their company experiences major losses. According to statistics, businesses lost millions around the world the figure is about 13.3% in higher than theft in 2005, which was about $100 million.

This trend has been rising continuously over years... thieves managed to steal, expensive equipment, materials, and other items due to security breaches.
Warehouse theft prevention requires a strategic approach, apply it to increase the security of your warehouse during work hours and when the space is empty.

Vulnerable Areas That Need Protection in a Warehouse:
Ensuring warehouse security that you cover all the space's vulnerable areas. Those include gates as well as warehouse doors, make sure that your staff is trained to react quickly in event of theft and that they are able to protect themselves. Warehouse theft prevention includes more than securing entrances and exits. It also involves protecting your inventory, including moving goods, machinery and equipment. It's better to prevent than to deal with it. Therefore, make sure you provide strong exterior gate management, a robust alarm system appropriate landscape, and reliable employees identification.

Warehouse theft prevention measures:
To increase warehouse security, you can start by installing keyless access control, your warehouse doors will have maximum protection. due to state of the art technology, and it can save your time granting and denying access in a reality time to different employees or delivery men.
Access logs will be produced automatically for each door, so that every person entering the facility will be recorded set up alerts to any locations are being unlocked. It's important to pick a suitable alarm system into your access control, it's also highly recommended to use surveillance cameras in your warehouse, burglar alarms etc.

Warehouse security checklist:
* entrance and exit doors of the warehouse should be guarded with physical access control systems, ensure the highest protection standards.
* devise a proper policy for trash and scrap removal from the warehouse.
* vehicle loading should be done through separate channels for better warehouse security.
* install CCTV surveillance system for live monitoring, internal/external.
* proper zoning warehouse security management.
* No visitors allowed to roam around warehouse without supervision.
* establish proper control outgoing shipping schedule.
* vehicle going in/out of the warehouse.
* high quality security lighting system inside/outside warehouse.
* manned guards should be employed at the entrance and exit checkpoints.
*regular maintenance of the warehouse security system.
* Fire equipment should be installed at the appropriate location.
* A security assessment of your warehouse location should compared with local crime records.
* Implement latest access control system, surveillance and alarm systems,.
* internal staff should be property interviewed being hired.
* the security procedures and policies should be followed strictly.
* professional physical security guards , have a responsibility to a business or the area, providing security for, beyond just making sure, no crime are committed or anyone is harmed. This responsibility range from physical security guards.

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